Other Blackjack Games and Variants You Can Play

Blackjack is the card game everyone knows how to play. No casino does business without it and you can bet it is one of the most popular games in online casinos today. But sometimes even the best of things can get tiresome. When you want a change, try these other blackjack games. Your online casino of choice should have at least a few blackjack variants available.

Blackjack Switch

This blackjack game has a nice twist to it. You play with two hands at the same time instead of just one. After you are dealt your cards, you have the option to switch cards between your hands if you like. For instance, if you are dealt an Ace and a 4 in one hand, and a Queen and a 10 in the other, it would be to your advantage to put the Ace and Queen in the same hand so you can get a blackjack. Thus it is called "Blackjack Switch."

Another feature of this game is the match bet, called super match. A player can make a side bet that their next two hands will have a pair in it. The pair may be in one hand or spread over both hands. It does not matter so long as they are the same denomination/rank.

Since one of the dealer's cards is dealt face up, the usual blackjack strategy charts, card counting and shuffle tracking can be used here.

Caribbean 21

In this blackjack game, an Ace is always counted as 1, never an 11. While this makes a natural blackjack impossible, you can still get a special payout. If you get two 10 cards and an Ace, it is called a Caribbean 21. It is paid out at better odds, e.g. 3:1.

In Caribbean 21, you can double at any hit. You can also surrender at the cost of half your wager.

This game is rarer and harder to find than other blackjack games.

Blackjack Surrender

In Blackjack Surrender games, the player can choose to give up the hand if they think they won't win. In exchange for the surrender, the player must pay with half their original wager. Sometimes the surrender is available only for the first two cards dealt; after that, surrender is no longer possible. In other Blackjack Surrender games, you can surrender any time you want.

The usual blackjack strategies apply here - basic strategy charts, card counting and shuffle tracking.