Understanding Blackjack Odds

Knowing game rules and basic strategy is just part of the steps to win in blackjack. It is vital that you know how the House obtains its edge and how this helps the casino to win. It is equally important that you know blackjack odds or your odds and the dealer's odds of hitting a certain number or getting a blackjack as well as one's probability of busting if one hits.

For instance, if you are dealt a 5 and 6, what are the probabilities of hitting a 10? If you need an Ace, what are you probabilities of hitting an Ace in a deck where there are only 48 cards left? Understanding blackjack odds is the first step in winning. The second step is knowing how to handle blackjack odds to win. How are blackjack odds managed anyhow? Using a blackjack strategy card is one way to do it. A blackjack strategy card provides recommended course of action for every particular situation. These are just recommendations, but in the end, it's your call whether you'd employ them or not.

Alternative ways include using a blackjack odds guide and a calculator. With a calculator, you can mathematically analyze your probability of hitting particular cards. This is particularly advantageous when you play online. Also, blackjack odds calculator can be downloaded readily on the web. Again, though, it's your prerogative whether you'd take a risk and hit even if you have just 15% chances of getting a 21.

Blackjack odds consider the cards that you have and the dealer's up card. Understanding blackjack odds will help you resolve when to hit and when to stand, when to double down and when to split, when to surrender and when to take the insurance.

Remember though that blackjack involves numbers, and if you don't have a keen grasp of the role of numbers in the game, you might find yourself often shorthanded when playing. Players who have become successful at the game are ones who know how to manage the odds to work in their favor. They build their decisions including the size of their bets and bet actions based on what they expect will follow. These expectations have mathematical groundings--- based on the player's cards, the dealer's known card, and how many cards are left on the deck.

Blackjack odds are your percent probabilities of winning a hand against the dealer's probabilities of winning. They also refer to your probability of getting a particular card to win. Building your actions around the mathematical probability of what will happen next is one of the secrets to building a successful blackjack career.